Thank You




Asylum Seekers at St Chad's Sanctuary in Birmingham




We would like to thank all our volunteers for their continued work and support. You all do a fantastic job to make the lives of Asylum Seekers and Refugees a little bit easier.

A BIG thank you to the teachers and pupils of St. John the Baptist Primary School, Arron Way, Smithswood Birmingham.

Pupils and staff collected £637 for the Sanctuary through Lenten collections and came to visit us on 3rd May to present the cheque.  Thank you very much!

All smiles as Father O'Brien presents cheque for £637 to Sister Margaret

All smiles as Father O’Brien presents cheque for £637 to Sister Margaret (2013)

We would like to Thank David Roberts for setting up the ‘Gimme The Breaks’, Help the Homeless Jam!!

David set up a breakdancing event where people had to make donations of food and clothes to enter the event!!! The donations where fantastic so thank you to the kind people who gave them, but most importantly thank you David for arranging the event.

Thanks to all the local Schools for their Harvest Festival Donations!

We would truly like to thank the many local schools who have generously donated food to us from their Harvest Festivals.  The fresh vegetables and fruit have been a welcome addition to our usual food parcels of dried and tinned food.  As you will see on our Donations page we gave out a record 112 food parcels last month all of which were given to very needy individuals and families.

Once again we would like to thank you for your wonderful generosity!

Thanks to Bryon from Bewdley for his donation and for the following words of inspiration:

“Although I am not a Christian myself I do sometimes think about how Jesus might live if he were physically living right now, perhaps next door.  I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be taken in by lies and stirring of anger in the media around people that come to the UK to seek safety and different opportunities. 

I’m pretty sure he would be able to see past the man-made lines on maps called borders. I’m sure he would see the bounty of resources that if shared fairly would make everyone in the world much more than physically comfortable but also safe and secure.  I reckon he would value diversity, the differences in food, family arrangements, spirituality, language, pace of time, various preferences and the like but he would I’m sure be able to see and feel our common humanity. 

I’m quite confident he would be a volunteer at St. Chad’s Sanctuary.  In this case, I’m sure a far less a mortal like me could at the very least give some of my pay packet up to help this needed work.”

Big Thank you to St. Teresa’s,  Perry Barr

Our work at St Chad’s Sanctuary is only possible through the generous donations we receive from many people, including the parishes of Birmingham.

We recently read this item in the
newsletter of St Teresa’s, Perry Barr.

St Chad’s Sanctuary: The box situated in the Church porch marked with
St. Chad’s Sanctuary will become a permanent fixture in the Church and
therefore in our focus as a parish community. Ongoing donations may be made at
any time. This venture lead by Sr. Margaret is very much part of our mission
and responsibility as part of the Catholic community in the city of Birmingham.
We must take our part and support the work done by the sanctuary. Perhaps you
could volunteer your time to help run the mission. But most certainly we can make
weekly contributions of basic foodstuffs and money. Part of your weekly shop
might include an extra tin of tomatoes or fish or a packet of rice or pasta,
sugar or salt as well as oil. Little things every week will make a big
contribution and remind us weekly of our attempts to reach out to our brothers
and sisters in need. St. Chad’s Sanctuary is very much an opportunity and a
responsibility of the Church in the city – our opportunity, our responsibility.

Thank you Fr. Simon Hall and the parish
of St Teresa’s Perry Barr


One thought on “Thank You

  1. Delighted to read about St Chads on the website. What a fantastic resourse for people who get so little help elsewhere. Thank God for Sister Margaret!

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