A poem by one of our Asylum Seekers, Agnes.



Agnes is a regular attender at Sr. Margaret’s BSOL (Bible for Speakers of

Other Languages) class. The class have been studying the Lord’s Prayer,

and were asked to write their own versions of it for homework.


A word to my God.


Why can’t I overcome?

These are the questions I ask myself daily.

Even though times are hard,

In this difficult situation,

I have taken the decision to have confidence in You.

You are the same today and tomorrow,

You are faithful for you have never let me fall.

This is why I have never doubted You

You provide for my needs according to Your generosity.

You are my support, my refuge and my stronghold

Apart from You, I have no one else to call on

Even if everything is hard, I have decided to believe in Your word.

YawheJire, you will provide.

Glory to You for all eternity. Amen


by Agnes Tanoh


A Poem from St Chad’s Sanctuary students.

After a very successful summer school in August 2014, we can now start to see the fruits of our Asylum Seekers’ labours.

Stephanie Neville ran a Poetry workshop and below is one group’s poem. Well done Steph.

Poetry Group at St Chad's Sanctuary

The Magic Box
(Inspired by Kit Wright’s Magic Box)
By Murad, Hamid, Nasradin, Adel and Fadi

I will put in the box
The fresh sea air blowing across the beach
The joyful sounds of splashing and laughter
The taste of salty sea water on the tip of my tongue

I will put in the box
My first innocent idea when I wake up in the morning sunlight
The glorious adventure of a wonderful childhood
The happy memory of the days of my past where there were no cloudy skies

I will put in the box
The journey to discover a world I have never seen before
The sound of new languages when I travel the world
A carnival atmosphere where everyone understands the language of dancing and music

I will put in the box
My first kiss, my first sadness, my first forgiveness, my first goodbye
A rainbow of emotions over which I fly with bird-like wings
A celebration of the memory of the first day of a new life

My box is fashioned from dreams becoming a new reality,
with smiles on the lid and laughter in the corners.
Its hinges are the innocent kisses of children.

I shall surf in my box
On the great high-rolling breakers of the wild Atlantic
Then wash ashore on a yellow beach
The colour of the sun.

Computer goes pop, Aria to the rescue!

And when our old office computer went pop and we had the blue screen of death, who steps in to the rescue with a new computer, our knight in Shining Armour, our Secret Millionaire, Aria.

Thank you so much Aria and everyone at Aria Technologies.

Computers for St Chad's Sanctuary Computers at St Chad's Sanctuary

Christ the King RC Primary School visit St Chad’s Sanctuary

We recently had a lovely hour with some of the teachers and pupils from Christ the King Roman Catholic Primary School. They had several collections for hygiene items for the Asylum seekers visiting us at St Chad’s Sanctuary.

It was lovely to chat with you all. Thank you all very much for your support and efforts.

Donations to St Chads Sanctuary

Thank you for your donations

A new term starts

The weather has changed for the worse and the winter snows are not far around the corner…but enough of all of this misery…a new term has started for the asylum seekers visiting us at St. Chad’s Sanctuary.

A couple of weeks of intensive testing, welcoming back some of our regular friends and the classes are filling up. Waiting lists are growing and as we’ve waived goodbye to some graduating students, we wave hello to new ones.

Karen is very busy keeping track of students and will soon know each and every student by name, Alastair is very jealous because he can only just remember his own name, let alone a hundred others. Gerard is teaching with a new previously unused room layout, which allows him to cram in a few more Entry 2 students. In fact everyone is swinging into action…roll on Christmas.

Summer School 2013

We had another successful Summer school this year.  We had a variety of activities, gardening, Let’s go..to Cannon Hill Park, singing, Fun English, photography, a Garden Party and a trip to the Black Country Museum!  Enjoy the photos…

garden party

Celebrating an ESOL certificate!

lets go

Getting from A to B in the city…let’s go…

bcm (3)

Victorian skipping at the Black Country Museum

bcm (2)

This Victorian ride looked so tame when we got on! Black Country Museum


How does your garden grow?


Conk the Clown


Kum Ba Yah, my Lord. Garden Party singers

photo (2)

Are you ready for your close up? Photography Workshop

photography group

Caught on camera..Photography workshop

recreational english

Fun English


Shove halfpenny. Black Country Museum

garden (4)

Face painting. Garden party

gardening (2)

Gardening Workshop

Martineau Gardens

Martineau Gardens…let’s go

I am…

I am my mother who brought me in the world.

I am my father who was beautiful humanity.

I am Bangladesh where people died for their country.

I am the country where people love each other.

I am my friends who made me happy.

I am beautiful flower’s smell from my country.

I am the moment when I first met my husband.

I am all the places I have been with my husband.

I am the moment when I held my daughter for the first time.

I am the saddest moment when I lost my father.

I am the moment when I lost my friend.

I am all the friends who help me in the UK.

by Fatema Aktar