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St Chad's Sanctuary

Thanks to the amazing generosity of parishes, schools, and other groups 


throughout the Midlands, we are able to offer many practical items: 

Clothing for all ages ‘from the skin out’. (Small and medium sizes are in the greatest demand.) Between January and November 2013 we gave out 3876 bags of clothing.

Food Parcels, especially rice, pasta, tinned fish, vegetable soups, tinned pulses, tea, sugar, milk and oil. We also include fresh food like bread, eggs, fruit, vegetables when we have them to give. From January to November 2013 we gave out 2515 bags of food.

Hygiene Packs: Male and female adults, children, and babies This year we’ve given out 698 packs.

Pushchairs, suitcases, rucksacks. When you have no place to call home, and no means of transport, these items are critical. Almost all of use have dozens of old unused items in our lofts, why not recycle them and give them a good home.

Exercise books, pens, pencils, whiteboard markers: We now have a lot of very keen students who have no ‘pin money’, so we always need a good supply of these items.

Financial Donations: it is very difficult to get funding in the present economic climate and we rarely find funders who will support the people we help. They often just do not fit their ‘criteria’. We are so grateful to the many donations with no restrictions. Two and a half years ago, a ‘Secret Millionaire’ Aria, gave us £20,000 which was enormously important to the  setting up the project and in meeting the gaps in our response to the needy. Thank you Aria! We pray for you and for all our benefactors. Most people who receive help at the sanctuary are deeply spiritual and they pray for you too.

If you wish to DONATE ON-LINE please do so by clicking on the PayPal link button below. Cheques are made payable to: St. Chad’s Sanctuary

St Chad's Sanctuary

If you can help us and wish to donate in another way, please call us on:

+44 (0) 121 233 3127

or email us at


For I was hungry and

you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you

gave me something to drink, I was a

stranger and you invited me in.”

(Mt 25: 35)

And of course we have a very special welcome for FINANCIAL donations – cheques are made payable to St. Chad’s Sanctuary!