We will be periodically posting some of the work created by our English PEN students.  Here is our first piece:


Silence – the atmosphere where you can rest,

It is important and the best.

Silence – when you’ve travelled for the holiday

To have a chance to remember a good day.

Silence – you are in good spirits it can be sweet,

If it is a bad day it should be bitter.

The smell of violet on silence is possible,

Of course the smell of crude oil is inescapable

Silence is good when it sounds like summer beetles,

But dead silence is always undesirable

Let’s talk about colour,

What does our silence look like.

The silence of the colours blue and green

Relaxes our eyes, are acceptable,

But the colour black on silence is not enjoyable.



1 thought on “Silence

  1. Dear Margaret. It was really such a gift to meet you and to have at least one day with you … and yours… in The Sanctuary. I have nothing but admiration, Margaret, for you and this amazing work and I pray that it continues as long as there are people in such dire need. I loved the welcoming atmosphere. It is such a good idea to have the “reception” in a friendly place, … cafe-cum-office-cum-waiting room., it must be so non threatening for traumatised people. I admired the good organisation with the way aid is given so generously yet not wastefully… And I loved meeting your many great volunteers.

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