A Poem from our friend

One of our FUN English students and good friend of the project sent in this poem to share with our friends!  A very poignant poem we feel!

Suicide  Attack

Ruins of a building shattered by a blast

Stand bare , disfigured and covered with dust.

This was a building distinguished by its shape

A deafening sound took it away from me.

Men, women and children are caught

Victims of a savage attack of hate

Those who died are covered by the stillness of death

Those mutilated and wounded are left with a bleak fate

What terror ! the sudden roar of death

Can do to a gentle , friendly soul

The gaping graves will embrace no dreams

Cold and darkness cover silent  screams

A post traumatic stress syndrome ?,what a misleading name

A self-deception, or another face of a sinister game

O God how a man can be changed into a senseless beast ?

By what devilish persuasion can this be achieved ?

Mahmood Alnaimy

2nd.of June 2012


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