Words of encouragement

We recently received these very lovely words of encouragement from someone who heard about our work on the Secret Millionaire!!

Dear Sister Margaret,
I just want to let you know that my children and I  will be holding you and St Chad’s Sanctuary  in our prayers.
Just this weekend I was discussing our responsibilities as followers of Christ.
I was explaining what Jesus told people to do for others….
Give a cup of water in His name…give the shirt off our backs,  etc.
I will be telling my children about the work you are involved in and this will further inspire us as a family.
We don’t live anywhere near you but I have always taught the children to treat others as though they could be angels.
We spend time talking to those we meet who are in need of a home.
We pray for them, offer them food and money as we can but above all we love and respect them and pray for them.
My children are the new generation of followers of Christ and I want them to act as His hands and feet.
Thank you for all you are doing.  You have helped my children see how what the bible says we should do can be put into practice.
Thank you and may God’s blessing and protection be with you as you seek to do his work.
We were homeless for six months we now have a rented home but we always feel rich.
We had no benefits for 11 weeks but we managed to live on harvest festival donations.
God is so good.
We will keep St Chad’s and you in our prayers.
Every blessing,



1 thought on “Words of encouragement

  1. such a well blessed family (Abi) Sister Margaret you are doing God work and you should be well blessed that people of all denominations can see the work you do is for the Love of God

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