English PEN Party and Performance

Yesterday was the final session of the English PEN, FUN English sessions!  At least for now!!!  Some of the members of the group performed some of their pieces or shared their stories with us.  It was a very special event which was both moving and fun!!

Shakespeare in his play ,King Richard the Third, wrote ;

‘ Go thou to sanctuary, and good thoughts possess thee !’

St. Chad’s Sanctuary


A smiling face came, opening the door for me

Another smiling face at the counter, offered me a cup of tea

The reception room was filled with amazing company

On the wall ‘ we were asylum seekers in an old century’.

A sense of peace and tranquillity thrilled me, I am carefree.

Sister Walsh, Emma , and others are devoted to charity.

Their sincere help  and compassion is a shining moon

In the dark times of asylum seeker’s frustrations and anxiety .

Mahmood Alnaimy

March , 2012

The work that has been produced is outstanding and it seems it was a rewarding experience for all involved!!  We would like to thank those who took part, Maeve for running the sessions and Gauri for assisting!!!


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