St Chad’s Sanctuary on ‘The Secret Millionaire’

St Chad’s Sanctuary was lucky enough to be featured on last night’s ‘The Secret Millionaire’.  Aria Taheri, who came to the UK from Iran 26 years ago and now owns a very successful computing business, visited our project undercover.

He helped out in different aspects of the project and listened to stories of many of the asylum seekers and refugees.  A lot of of these people have little hope,  especially those who are homeless and destitute.  They were very inspired by Aria by the way he empathized with them and by the  success of his life.  In fact we were all very encouraged  by his willingness to reach out to others and give something back.

Aria obviously felt our work was very worthy as he gave us a cheque which will help sustain the project while we move forward.  We also got five  ‘state of the art’ computers, which have already helped many asylum seekers keep in contact with loved ones and  research  information relevant to their asylum claim.

We would like to sincerely thank Aria for his generosity and compassion.  He will remain in our heart and prayers for a very long time!

If you missed the program, you can watch it by clicking on the link below!


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